Now taking orders for our March boxes, shipping the week of March 5th

A little about our The Sweets Box mission…

The Sweets Box has a unique offering at the best possible price.  We are part of a distinct buying group that ensures our customers are receiving the best possible product at the best possible value.

We have found a unique way to keep our offerings at the ROOT of why we have all become fans of candy.  It’s very important that our candy boxes act as a time capsule for each customer.  Our goal is to transport our customers back to yesteryear.  As a child candy was just about FUN, it was about the escape from reality, where you could dream and be adventurous around the clock.  If we can provide even a glimpse of those simpler times in life, we have achieved our goal.


What you can expect ...

From time to time we are even able to feature products from around the world.  So not only can you enjoy some of your personal favourites from when you are a kid, but now your family and friends can share in the joy that they might have experienced growing up in Europe or even in the United States.  We are sourcing Candy from as far as Japan, from Holland, Australia, Europe and Spain.  


Where we are today...

The world of confectionery is constantly evolving as well, there are always cool new products on the market, we want to try and bring those items to your doorstep as well.  We have 3 goals to every box….. to take you back in time, to bring something current, and to bring you something funny.  We feel like if we give you a monthly candy box that can provide all three of those attributes, then we have succeeded in providing you the best possible candy box experience.